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The XIX century is characterized by the revival of handicraft. Thus, many artistic figures of the time have spent much time being busy with this kind of art.
In art, every movement and stream is associated with a range of factors stemming from different spheres of life such as economy, culture, and society.
The Cinema of Hong Kong, the Cinema of Taiwan, and the Cinema of China are three most histori y prominent periods of the Chinese-language film-making. The great impact was made by…
The Inaugural Ceremony for The New Nation was painted by Dong Xiwen, an artist who intended to show a fresh beginning for the People's Republic of China under a new…
John Wall is a creative artist who mainly focuses on photography. He is known for specializing in the photography of nature (animals and plants), urban scenes, national parks, historical sites…
Interpretations of some verses of the Hebrew Bible, commonplace ideas about the attitude of Judaism to art, and scarcity of archaeological findings engender assumption that the Hebrew Bible prohibits art.
Japanese painting has an ancient history that is related to the cultural motifs of both Asian and European countries. The scientists refer the Japanese Art history from the Asuka Period…
Art is a language without words. Artists of the different art styles use various tricks and techniques in their works of art to express their feelings and worldview.
Being tired by the dominant influence of the international design, by the 1970s, modern designers began responding with new forms and artistic directions. One of the backlash responses to the…
According to the Oxford Dictionary, the American Dream is “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity” (“American Dream”).
The Portrait of Sebastian Juner Vidal is a masterpiece by Pablo Picasso and a part of his famous Blue Period collection. During this period, Picasso focused on emotional pieces that…
History has shown that advertising has been a phenomenon that is vital for human societies. They say it is the most important art of the world. Billions are spent on…
Eugène Atget is a talented French photographer, considered as one of the pioneers of street and urban photography. For some reason, his works have not been in demand during his…
Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol are famous American artists of the 20th century. This paper focuses on such works as Scull and Campbell’s Soup Cans, created by Basquiat and Warhol…
Craig Taubman is one of the most significant performers and interpreters of today’s Jewish sacred music. His contributions into the world’s and American culture are reasonably important.
An overwhelming majority of old literature works, especially those considered as ancient and medieval, focused on the male perception of the world and portrayed females differently.
The paper examines the biography of Airto Moreira, a Brazilian percussionist who currently lives in California. The analysis contains the history of his music and summarizes his contribution to the…
Henrik Ibsen is a famous Norwegian playwright who was primarily interested in social tragedy and the moral and ethical issues of the modern society. According to the writer, a person…
Janis Joplin, who has influenced modern R&B, soul, rock, and pop music, was a cultural icon for many generations. She synthesized many important musical and cultural traditions, but the most…
Music is one of the most wonderful inventions of the mankind, which can not only bring the momentary pleasure, but also end a protracted period of depression or a bad…