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Nowadays, it is important to find the most effective and easy way to educate children. Many education theories try to discover and find a solution regarding this aim. The topic…
In the modern world, the links between languages and national or cultural affiliations weaken and multiply. Knowing several languages allows a person to expand the social relations, understand and accept…
In China, most people believe that they must go to the university. This belief is supported by the assumption that those who study at university are always successful in life.…
Effective communication is essential in any society as it creates the platform for mutual understanding. It can only be ensured if both parties converse in a common language or use…
The Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) developed by the Texas Education Agency is intended to evaluate the proficiency of English language learners in language acquisition.
Internet, as every invention of human mind, has its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s the fastest way of getting information; it unites people all over the world, helps them communicate…
Collaborative teaching provides a means towards a unique teaching experience for teachers and an excellent learning experience for students. This effect is achieved due to the presence of several teachers…
Nowadays, education is considered a controversial issue, as there are many thoughts regarding the mechanism of its purpose, functions, advantages, and drawbacks. The matter is that it has an obvious…
Cognitive processes include feeling, thinking, memory, perception, attention, and observation. All these ones are directly related to consciousness. Cognitive processes in humans are developed during a lifetime. However, they occur…
The biggest goal of any student currently is to pass all the examination grades successfully that will enable them graduate at the end of the course. The current education system…
The current paper is aimed to explore the issues associated with globalization and the use of English as an international language. The topic of the paper is highly important nowadays…
Tracking, in other terms referred to as phasing, setting or streaming, is the practice of sorting and grouping students for instruction depending on an evaluation of their academic ability (Oakes,…
The way education system is being handled in the United States has been immensely criticized by researchers and experts. Implementation of education policies and empowerment has affected the public schools…
Modern society faces many challenges, fears, and emotions, which cause stress, depression, dissatisfaction with life, hesitation, and uncertainty about the future. Young people, namely students who are at the stage…
Cultural sensitivity is the way of acknowledging existing cultural differences within interpersonal communication that makes the process of communication more effective and requires a lot of knowledge and skills.
With the development of capitalism, which greatly influenced human way of thinking and determined their life strategy, there appeared an idea that only those people succeed in life which have…
Private institutions are controlled by individual groups, organizations, and agencies rather than the government.
Explaining the value of education to an individual is simple. Actually, the very reason why we can communicate with each other freely is due to education.
Modern day education ought to teach students on how to think in more abstract terms than it was when all systems were similar.