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New types of women discrimination constantly appear across the world. This phenomenon has an explicit character in the developing countries, but it can also exist in the states with quite…
The implicit social attitudes towards the gender roles of men and women suggest that a male should be more focused on his career. Meanwhile the female role should primarily include…
As charities in the United Kingdom continue to appreciate the value of the Internet in general and social networking (Twitter, YouTube and Facebook) in specific, they correspondingly leverage the alternative…
A high rate of African-American unemployment and its implications present a serious social and economic problem for the American society.
Anti-black racism and policing involve the oppression of the black citizens as a result of their origin in various fields of the society. The mentioned group of population has been…
Divorce is usually perceived as an unfortunate event for each household, especially those with children. When parents decide to divorce, children do not always realize possible consequences that might occur.
Currently, there are many aspects of tourism. These are leisure, recreation, sports, and parks. They are closely connected to one another. However, these relations depend on the needs of travelers.
Divorce is a phenomenon that brings the drastic change to the life of children not depending on their age. It causes separation between two households that results in the daily…
Domestic violence may occur in the form of emotional, economic, physical, and sexual abuse of a family member or any relative. Preventing it is a major concern for the US…
Trump is appointed to become the 45th president of the United States due to the elections that were held on November 8 2016. However, his victory came after a heated…
The following paper discusses the art world and the production process of the daytime TV talk shows. To understand the art world of TV talk shows, it is necessary to…
Leadership and control functions of a traditional manager revolve around creative problem-solving and employee motivation in the quest of ensuring that an organization achieves its goals and objectives.
Islamophobia refers to prejudices and aversions that are socially reproduced to Muslims and Islam religion as whole. It entails people’s actions and practices, which are often geared towards attacking, excluding…
Analysis of articles ‘Engine of Liberation’ by John Steele Gordon, ‘Data-Driven Life’ by Gary Wolf and ‘The Judgment of Thamus’ by Neil Postman
Racism is a belief that some members of the society have certain attributes and qualities that others do not have. These qualities and attributes are used to determine the superiority…
The problem of women driving in Saudi Arabia is quite relevant in today’s world, and so is any issue related to feminism. The lives of the weaker sex are totally…
In 1961, Stanley Milgram conducted his famous study, subjects of which believed that they were participating in a training experiment. In fact, the subject matter was their obedience, namely a…
Back in the 1960s and 1970s there was a debate over the nature of pornography as well as the clash involving conservative values. The term “pornography” has been the reason…
The twentieth century is remembered as an era of the great discoveries, great upheaval, and great madness, at which the world had trembled in horror and ecstasy. It was then…
In their 2014 book Racial Formation in the United States, Michael Omi and Howard Winant bring attention to the unjustly downplayed issue of racism.