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That kind of assignment is frequently used in colleges and universities. Here you can find information about how to write a problem-solution essay, how to structure this type of essay, and how to choose an essay topic.

What is a Problem-Solution Essay?

When you are a student, you will often encounter a problem-solution essay, especially if you are studying government policy or business administration. This is often a very difficult essay to complete if you don’t have much experience writing one because it requires deep critical-thinking skills and a great deal of analysis and research. The basic premise is that you are given a problem that you must solve based on a selection of potential solutions. You must assess each solution, weighing their strengths and weaknesses, choose the one that you believe is best, and then present a convincing argument in support of that choice. It takes a great deal of effort, but if you are diligent and open to learning, you can succeed.

The real gist of this type of essay is that you are required to develop an argument in favor of what you believe is the most appropriate solution to an urgent problem. Like virtually every type of essay, you must start with an intro paragraph with the thesis statement in the final sentence, the main body that discusses your arguments point-by-point, and then a conclusion that restates your argument summarizes the points and discusses the broader implications.

If given an option to choose the problem that you intend to provide solutions for, you are best off going with a topic that is interesting, relevant, and one that you have some degree of knowledge about. That is because you will certainly be required to do some research in order to find the most compelling evidence to support your chosen solution. As with any essay, do not pick a problem that is too general, but at the same time, it should not be so specific that you are unable to find any real information about it.

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Definition of a problem-solution essay.

Problem-solution essays analyze the problems of a particular situation and give resolutions to those problems. They have the same structure as effect and cause essays. Those essays include such component as:

  • Situation
  • Problem
  • Solution
  • Evaluation


    • Pick how to create your writing.

The simplest way to organize a problem-solution essay is to describe the problem in the first paragraph and show your thesis. Introduce the resolution, give an explanation of why it is the most likely one.

    • Continue thesis with examples and details.

Make a list of arguments that will support your ideas about the best solution to the problem.

    • Make use of an analytical tone.

When you will write your plan, remember that you are appealing to people’s ability to reason, but not for their sentiments. Show up the problem and possible solutions.

    • Write a clear summing-up.

In the conclusion, summarize your ideas about the problem and solution.

Features of Problem Solution Essay Writing

Writing a problem-solution essay is one of the most popular tasks students face in their learning. Teachers provide their students with some information on the existing problem and ask them to produce a relevant solution. The number of problem solution essay topics is difficult to quantify. Students can use any issue imaginable to develop a solution and justify its value. The only thing to remember is that not all students can write good problem-solution essays. Not all of them also know what a problem-solution essay is. Thus, it is time for you to read our tutorial and see how you can cope with a problem solution essay on your own.

So, if your teacher asks you to write a problem solution essay, your primary task is to identify the issue you want to consider and resolve. A good problem and solution essay not only proposes remedies but also provides a detailed and persuasive description of the problem itself. That is, persuade your audience that the problem is urgent. Persuade your audience that your problem needs an immediate solution. So many things are required to produce a perfect paper. Not surprisingly, many students fail to produce a good problem solution essay on time. Look at the recommendations below and follow them when writing your problem solution essay.

Writing Strategy

First, include some important information about the problem you are going to solve. For example, you can include some statistics that say why the problem is relevant today. You may also want to discuss the effects of the problem on people. For example, how does flu influence public health and why is flu vaccination important to prevent health complications? Now that you have described the problem in detail, it is time to analyze it. Look at any problem solution essay example, and you will see how other students do it. Research your topic thoroughly. Use scholarly databases to obtain some relevant data to support your argument. You should be ready not only to justify the importance of the problem but also to defend the relevance of the proposed solution. This will be the second part of your problem solution essay. You need to provide your reader with enough information to understand the causes of the problem in detail. Then, you will need to specify the criteria for a perfect solution. For example, should your solution be cost-effective, or you can implement any strategy, whatever the costs may be? You will use these criteria to persuade your reader that the proposed solution is the best possible. Once you are done with the solution criteria, list all options that are available to you, and choose the one you consider to be the most suitable one.

Problem-Solution Essay Applied Hypotheti y

When a business provides a product or service, retaining loyal customers and gaining new ones is essential. A lot of companies have an entire department devoted to finding solutions to urgent problems in their company. Furthermore, it is common for universities to offer classes devoted to problem-solving, especially in their business schools and public policy departments. In a hypothetical situation, a company that offers a product could find itself bleeding money due to high overhead costs, financial mismanagement, or an inefficient workforce. Thus, it is important to consider different possible solutions to help the company recover. One possibility would be to lay off workers who are low-performers. This would have the effect of slashing the company budget and allow the more capable workers to help the company stay on track. Another option would be to eliminate certain products that are not generating revenue and simply focus on the products that are successful. As you write an essay related to this, it would be important to do some actual research based on what companies have previously done to restructure themselves and make a financial comeback.

Ultimately, as you start writing your problem-solution essay based on this premise, you would need to set the tone and capture the attention of the reader by introducing the topic, explaining its importance using emotional language, and then finish with a thesis statement explaining the problem and the different solutions for solving it. In the body of the paper, you would examine the causes of the problem (in this case, a business that is facing financial difficulties) and the consequences if no solution is found. You would then proceed to explain the various ways in which this problem could be solved based on research and data. Once you identify possible solutions, discuss the pros and cons of each as well as how feasible it would be to implement them. Ideally, you will be able to find real-world examples where companies have managed to succeed after facing difficulty.

The conclusion will restate the problem, discuss whether the proposed solution truly has a chance of succeeding, or coming to the conclusion that more research will have to be done in order to find the right answers. The broader implications and other related topics worth exploring can also be discussed.

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